We are Creating Cleaner Water & Food


Many current purification processes trap contaminants by adsorption to filters, which can quickly foul and are often considered to be hazardous waste after use. Our purification processes use enzymes that convert unwanted chemicals into harmless compounds, eliminating the need for hazardous waste disposal after treatment is completed.

When cyanuric acid (CYA) levels become too high in swimming pools or hot tubs, the disinfecting power of chlorine is compromised and this can lead to unsafe swimming conditions. The CDC recommends maintaining CYA levels below 90ppm for a safe swimming environment. The most common way to address high CYA is to partially or completely drain and refill the pool. Our enzymes have successfully removed CYA from swimming pool water, thereby providing a new solution to high CYA that both maintains chlorine effectiveness and conserves water by eliminating the need to drain and refill the pool.

Other emerging applications of our enzymes include food processing, where residual cyanuric acid has been found as a result of modern disinfecting processes.

Through the removal of cyanuric acid, we are creating cleaner water and food.